Community Driven Fire Recovery
Bringing It Back To Communities

When faced with a crisis, communities often find themselves lacking a relationship with local resources, organizations and government agencies. Walu has a demonstrated method to build a bridge between communities, social programs and resources to ensure the community is a stakeholder in their recovery process.  

Walu's CEO, CJ Runyon, began working in fire recovery as a Director of Fire Cleanup in Harbison Canyon after the 2003 San Diego Firestorms. The sucess of the community was due to the community being equipped and empowered to be involved in the process of their fire recovery. 

Walu has combined fire recovery efforts with Community Driven Development to not only assist fire victims in their difficult journey, but to also conduct needed training to ensure they are involved in their recovery process.  

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Areas of Concentration

  • Community Driven Development training with an emphasis in Fire Recovery. Most attention is given during the relief phase of fire recovery. Walu makes a long term commitment to communities by providing CDD training so they can effectively navigate the exhausting recovery process. 

  • Networking with local institutes to achieve the recovery goals of the community and fire victims. 

  • Depending on the cleanup plan the county chooses, Walu is capable of assisting in the cleanup phase.

Introduction to Community Driven PowerPoint

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