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CDD vs Traditional Methods
Bringing It Back To Communities


Time and time again we see failed projects and hear people say a community "Doesn't want to change" or "Doesn't care". The community isn't the problem, the method is. 

Success begins with ownership. Walu offers experience, workshops, training, and hands on consulting to work with communities to identify their area of greatest concern. This differs from methods, used by outside sources, that identify a need perceived to be important. The need could be legitimate, but if it is not deemed currently the most important issue  by the community, ownership will not occur and the project(s) will be unsuccessful.  

Once a community has ownership, they need to be equipped with local resources to bring about lasting results. Local resources are a vital step that is often overlooked and another reason so many projects fail. Using local resources ensures easy access to needed resources and materials used by the community. 

When a community has ownership and is equipped to find better solutions, they are empowered. Empowerment will lead the community to continue to grow and deal with day to day concerns that come their way as well as in times of calamity. 

Although this is a simple process, having CDD experience and training is necessary. Community Driven Development is a way of operating. It provides an infrastructure, but within that infrastructure, the process is not clearly defined because every community is unique and needs an approach that is catered to them and their experiences. Walu has 28 plus years of experience and training to navigate the process.

As with anything that is long lasting, CDD takes time to develop and results will not be instantaneous, but they will be life changing.