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Updated: Jul 11

Bringing it Back to Communities - Walu Needs your Support

Now more than ever as we face global emergencies and disasters amidst dwindling government support, we need to be equipped to better our communities.

Per month Walu needs $7,900 to conduct workshops, community led projects and CDD Training in Santa Cruz County and beyond. Please donate now.

$20 a month will help provide disaster recovery workshops.

$50 a month will help provide materials for community led projects.

$115 a month will help provide Community Driven Development training.

From the conception of Walu we have dedicated our mission to empowering communities internationally and locally. Our work in sanitation/hygiene, healthy water sources, latrines and disaster recovery has equipped communities to find solutions to obstacles in daily life and in times of calamity.

We thank you for joining us in this movement to Bring It Back To Communities.

Walu International is A US-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with Federal Tax ID 38-3805595

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