Equipping Communities

Curriculum includes: Training, Consulting, and a Workbook

Additional Curriculum Can Be Catered To Your Area of Focus

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Community Driven Development

Covers the entire process of creating a Community Driven Development Team. 

  • Assessments

  • Evaluation

  • Education

  • Discovery Exercises

  • Leadership Skills

  • Group Dynamics

  • Action Plans

  • Monitoring

  • Success Analysis

  • Multiplication of Efforts

Community Driven Fire Recovery

The curriculum will guide fire victims in forming a Leadership Team that will allow them to be stakeholders in the recovery process. They will be equipped to form collaborations with local municipalities, community members, and local resources. 

Intro to Community Driven Development 


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Children & Youth

Children & youth can impact their communities. Whether in a classroom setting or club, participants will learn to identify problems, collaboratively work to find solutions, learn how to form an action plan, and implement the action plan through an event, project, or volunteer day. 

Organizations, Non Profits, Municipalities

This is a condensed training since there is an existing infrastructure. 

CDD Training will open new doors for trainees as they learn an effective and replicable process to bring about community buy-in from their clientele. 

CDD training has been a game changer for businesses, organizations, and non-profits worldwide.